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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Bahama Mama $5.99 each

2 eggs, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato on white toast. 

Breakfast Sampler $6.99 each

2 eggs, ham or bacon, home fries and toast on a platter. 

Carnivore $6.99 each

2 eggs with ham, bacon, sausage & cheese on a roll.

French Connection $8.99 each

2 eggs, 3 pieces french toast, bacon or sausage on a platter. 

Hungry Man Hero $7.99 each

2 eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes and cheese on a hero. 

Jive Turkey $5.39 each

2 egg whites and turkey on whole wheat toast.

Kabaret Croissant $5.99 each

2 eggs, bacon and cheese on a croissant. 

Kitchen Kabaret Sink $9.99 each

2 eggs, ham & bacon, cheese, 2 pieces french toast on a platter.

Morning Special $3.99 each

Egg & Ham on a Roll with 10oz Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate

Staying Fit $7.99 each

3 egg whites, grilled vegetables, alpine lace swiss, on a whole wheat wrap.

The Connie $7.99 each

Egg whites, chopped turkey on whole wheat wrap.

The Full Monte Cristo $7.99 each

Ham and melted swiss on 2 pieces french toast.